SIMBANKING is a service that allows you to carry out banking transactions using a mobile phone wherever you are and anytime from your mobile phone.

For any transaction dial *199#.

Offered services:

  • Transfer of funds to any account in the CRDB Bank network;
  • Request for account situation;
  • Account statement;
  • Purchase vouchers (ECONET, LUMITEL);
  • Access to Salary advance (NDEPANA)
  • Change of PIN code;
  • Ability to send money to people without bank accounts or without bank cards using an ATM (Cardless);
  • Alerts;
  • Free choice of English, French, Kirundi or Kiswahili;


  • You can access your accounts anywhere, anytime.
  • You can transfer funds to your loved ones without hassles.
  • You can pay your bills at your convenience.
  • Pay business partners and suppliers without stress and do your transactions around the clock.
  • Maximize the use of your mobile phone.


SimBanking is completely secure.  All transactions on SimBanking require your PIN. A PIN is needed each time to gain access to the service. Thus, even if an unauthorized person has possession of your phone, they cannot make any transaction on SimBanking without your PIN.

How to register

Visit any CRDB Bank ATM with your card to register for SimBanking today.