Mwamikazi Account - Malkia

Are you a woman with ambition, class and clear goals? Are you the next generation thinker and go-getter ready to take off to limitless success? Mwamikazi Account is a unique saving plan designed for you. With Mwamikazi Account, you will be able to meet all your financial obligations, as well as personal goals and dreams, be it in investment, education, business, health, you name it!

Sign up for Mwamikazi Account today and benefit from:

  • A variety of choice of your target saving plan.
  • Attractive interest rate on your deposits.
  • Guaranteed short term financing throughout the saving plan.

Account features and benefits

  • Free choice of a savings plan;
  • Interest is calculated monthly;
  • The higher the savings, the higher the interest rate;
  • Ability to meet your short-term financial obligations without disrupting your savings plan;
  • Possibility of making two withdrawals per year up to 30% of the available balance;
  • Possibility of having a loan of 80% of the amount saved
  • Peaceful life, in the event of death or permanent disability, credit is assured;
  • Several chances to be trained in entrepreneurship each year;
  • Any woman who opens a Mwamikazi / Malkia account receives a gift.

Account mode of operation

Savings programmed over 12 months for women and girls, which can be renewed at maturity.

Opening condition

  • Two (2) passport photos;
  • Valid identification document (National Identity Card or Passport);
  • Minimum deposit of BIF 20,000 only;
  • Complete the account opening form ;
  • Signature of the savings plan.