Junior Jumbo Account

If you wish to secure the future of your adorable children and ensure they get quality education, world-class health cover and other good things then think of Junior Jumbo Account. Junior Jumbo Account is specifically designed for you as parent or guardian to save for your children’s future. Junior Jumbo is an account tailored for children below 18 years of age and it is meant to enable them live to see their dreams.

Account features and benefits

  • Savings account for children from 0 to 18 years old;
  • It is an account with high interest rate;
  • Account without any fees to pay;
  • It is an attractive interest-bearing account;
  • Only three withdrawals are allowed per year;
  • It encourages parents and guardians to save for their children;
  • It instills the habit of saving for children when they are still young;
  • It helps parents and guardians in preparing for their children’s education;
  • Bigger deposits earn more interest;
  • At 18, the child takes responsibility for his account, transforming it into a student account or into a traditional savings account.

Account mode of operation

It is a savings account held by a parent or guardian of a child and assigned to them at the age of 18. The account can be opened in BIF. EURO, USD and GBP.

Opening condition

  • Child’s birth certificate;
  • Valid identification document (National Identity Card or Passport) of the parent or guardian;
  • Two (2) passport photos of the child
  • Two (2) passport photos of the child’s parent or guardian;
  • Complete the account opening form