If at any time you encounter an incident of corruption, such as bank’s staff member demanding for a bribe before giving you a service or you notice some other malpractice such as a fraudulent act, you may and are encouraged to report it here. The bank will act on the information accordingly. Feel free to whistle blow through any of the two options below: Through a third-party platform operating independently from the Bank Toll-Free Number: 0800 757 700 for Tanzania or +27 31 571 8971 for Burundi (International Call rate will apply) Email: crdb@tip-offs.com Website: www.tip-offs.com By filling the form below, You may provide your names and contacts, or decide to remain anonymous. However, after the bank conducts the investigation and the information is proved to be true, the bank will not be able to reward you in case your identity and contacts are not disclosed. Your information provided herein will be handled with strict confidentiality.

Whistle Blower Form

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